The Ride.

Our signature cycling class is a 45-minute low impact, high-intensity interval cycle workout, focusing on optimal movements, music and motivation. Denver’s best cycling instructors use specialized choreography to strengthen the core and tone the upper body; an uber energizing party to challenge you physically and strengthen you mentally. We accelerate the Shift in fitness, the shift in spirit, the shift in power, and the shift in strength. That Shift starts here


The Beat.

Shift Cycle is more than just a gym it’s a community. A community of badass bikers who come to conquer fears, stress, challenges, just hard stuff.  We come with differing motivations but unite the energy as one. At Shift Cycle we don’t compete or end with a score. We inspire and motivate each other. The Squad rides to the rhythm of the music, moving on the bike as a team. We are a community thriving off high energy beats, support and positivity. Let the dark studio give you the energy and confidence to find your power and push beyond your comfort zone.

The Shift.

Shift Cycle promotes the shift to everything positive and inspiring. Although our style of spin classes can lead to dramatic physical changes, we focus on freeing the soul and letting go; focusing inward and finding the strength to not only crush a workout but the power and fortitude to overcome daily stresses and enlighten your life. We want riders to come in with their own intentions but leave with a refueled spirit and sense of self.