Obsessed With Spin- Meet Amanda Sutphin!

Spin Became My New And Current Obsession
— Amanda Sutphin

She is a powerhouse on the podium, guarantees to kick your butt every class and ALWAYS cycles in style... We sat down with Shift instructor Amanda Sutphin and got to know her a little better. Take a look! 

All time favorite tune?
Well that would have to be Beyoncé, Upgrade U.

Best health tip?
Resist cheese! 

Best training tip?
I always say, you'll never regret coming to class but you will always regret not coming. 

Food you cannot live without?

Words you live by?
"I'm an addict, I'm addicted to success. Thankfully, there's no rehab for success." -Lil Wayne

How has being a fitness instructor changed who you are?
I can't say it's changed who I am, but I can say how much it truly helped strengthen my ability to breath. I feel like I can now say I USED to have exercised induced asthma! 

How would you describe your class?
My class is based off the rhythm of the music. You'll get so lost in the beat, you won't even be able to realize how incredibly hard your body is working. Your guaranteed to leave not just dripping but pouring sweat...

Why did you start riding?
I never got excited about going to a gym and staring at the clock for 30min on the elliptical. It was so boring! I wanted something challenging, something hard, but most of all fun. My first spin class was actually with our very own Ben Davis! He kicked my ass...and it was awesome! I found myself looking forward to going the gym. Spin became my new and current obsession.

What do you love about Shift?
Shift brings together all of the aspects that make for an amazing ride. Great music, loud bass, the best atmosphere, and a friendly group of staff and students. What else could you ask for! 



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