Jump in the saddle with D-Mac!

Watching Someone Improve Their Health And Build Their Confidence Is What I Strive To Do Each And Everyday
— Danny MacDonald

From spinning to swimming Danny is a true athlete and his biceps don’t lie. You are motivated just looking at him! He is the definition of a mover-shaker, statement-maker. Check out our one-on-one with instructor Danny Macdonald… 

All-time favorite song? 
Call Me Maybe

Best health tip? 
Like my momma always said, 'Your body is your temple...' be aware of the fuel you are putting into it. Know the type of foods that energize you and the ones that drain you... and always save room to indulge and reward yourself every once in a while! You have to remember to live!

Best training tip? 
Your mind is so much stronger than your body, push yourself past those limits and prove your body wrong. You'll be surprised what you can do when you forget about the pain!

Food you absolutely could not live without? 
I have a guilty pleasure of having a bowl of cereal almost every night before bed... Whatever type of cereal it is, I am a go! Not discriminatory once so ever!

Words you live by? 
Be kind to all, for you have not walked in their shoes and have no idea what they are going through. 

How has being a fitness instructor changed who you are?
I have taught/coached some type of sport for the past several years.... from spinning to swimming, I love seeing the success of my team and clients. Watching someone improve their health and build their confidence is what I strive to do each and everyday. I have come to learn over the years that I excel in a team environment, and I love having that sense of community when working with my clients and teams. The Shift Squad is amazing!

How would you describe your class? 
I will leave that all up to you, but I hope some thoughts that come to mind are: Uplifting, throw down, dance party!!!!

Why did you start riding? 
For me, riding and exercising are what keep me sane... almost like my daily dose of medicine. It is part of my daily routine, and its something that I cant live without. Don't catch me on a week where I have had to skip a few days of workout... not a happy camper!

Favorite thing about Shift? 
Our squad. Our team. Our members! You, my friends, are what inspire me to put together the best mix of jams and get on the bike in the morning. The community and team we are building is uplifting and I am so excited to see us grow! Keep on kicking ass!!


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