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2018 is coming in HOT. And we are ready to take this year by the... handle bars. Kickstart your 2018 goals by making daily exercise a habit.

We challenge you to kick fear in the balls and be courageous - bust out of your comfort zone - conquer self doubt - WAKE UP EARLY - exceed expectations - & use this new fresh year to MAKE THE SHIFT. 

Starting Monday, January 8th we challenge you to complete

|| 20 RIDES IN 30 DAYS ||  

SHIFT yourself to the next level - own your shit - MAKE SHI*T HAPPEN

Aside from the Glory and Satisfaction of completing this challenge, all 20 in 30 finishers will be entered to win THREE MONTHS of UNLIMITED RIDES! HOLY SHIFT >> amirite?!

Other prizes will be given for hitting 10 rides & 15 rides - with some bonus classes sprinkled in there. 

This challenge isn't about being a "NEW YOU" [don't ever mention that to Whitney - she will give you an earful about why she HATES that saying]. It's not even about being a "better you"  >> It's about being the BEST FU$%ING VERSION OF YOU! And that journey and adventure starts RIGHT NOW! Click below to join the Make the Shift Challenge 2018.

SIGN UP IS FREE. And having an amazing community of badass goal chasers to be your support system, motivation, and inspiration should NOT be underestimated. 

Sooo HASHTAG LIKE CRAZY PEOPLE #MakeTheShift #BETHEBESTYOU and make sure to subscribe to our email + follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to find out when the bonus classes are happening and sign up early. 


Challenge FAQS: 

When does it begin? 

The Challenge begins Monday, January 8th at 5:30am and will run through Tuesday, February 6th @ 6pm. 

How do I sign up?

You can sign up in the studio or online here. Sign ups end January 14th.

Who can do it? 

Absolutely EVERYONE! Stay accountable and get your partners, friends, and co-workers to join in! New Riders can take advantage of our $69 First Month Unlimited New Year Offer *New Clients ONLY. 

How do you choose the winner? 

All those who complete 20 rides in 30 days will be put into a random drawing to win the 3 month Unlimited.

What if I already purchased a 3, 6, or 12 Month Membership? 

We will add it on when your longterm membership ends. OR if you prefer to gift it, you can do that as well.

What happens if I don't reach 20 rides? 

If you don't complete 20 rides, NO BIG! Simply setting a goal and sprinting toward it is something to be proud of! PLUS! Prizes will be given to randomly selected Squad members who make it to 10 and 15 Rides.

Are there bonuses or Bonus Rides? 

Yup! Stay tuned for more details on bonus rides. 

How many rides can I do a day?

We are definitely not advocating over doing it or burning out because then it just becomes work and no one wants that! Once a day is more than enough but according to Shift policy you can do a maximum of 2 a day.