Why we LOVE indoor cycling in the winter (and the Summer, Spring & Fall)

A good cycling class at Shift Cycle in Denver is all the things: cardio, endurance, weight training, therapy, quick, fun and motivating. When it’s cold outside, and you get punched in the face by the winter blues – spin is the best way to burn yourself out of that rut.  

1) CALORIE BURN: Rumor on the street is that you can gain some extra lbs during the winter months – Spin Class can help you fight the weight gain. During a Shift class you can burn anywhere from 400 – 700 calories.

2) EFFICIENT: In the winter it’s definitely hard to get motivated, so a 45-minute class seems more doable. Spin incorporates cardio intervals to burn fat and increase endurance and weight training to tone and tighten - all at a low to no impact on the joints – efficiency for the win. And when it hits those negative temps, it gets even hotter in the bike room. In about 2.75 minutes that room will be fire and you’ll be leaving drenched in sweat and ready to chill out.

3) SHIFT SIZZLE aka endorphins: First and foremost, it’s hard to feel like you are working out when you are moving in unison to loud kickass beats. The focus “shifts” away from the work and towards the party you are having on that bike – only realizing how hard you’re working when the sweat starts to sting your eyes. And because of Shift’s high-intensity intervals, and specialized choreography, riders will torch cals and produce a shit ton of endorphins leaving them feeling like a freaking rockstar and leaving those winter grumps in the puddle of sweat.  

4) The MINDSHIFT: Beyond fitness, a cycling class can prep your mind and soul to conquer really hard sh*t. In every class we set an intention, practice gratitude and open ourselves up to making a shift in our lives and in our bodies. When we conquer hard stuff on the bike and push ourselves out of our comfort zone, we find the power and fortitude to overcome daily stresses, insecurities, and negativity in our everyday life and start kicking ass at positivity and shining a little brighter.

5) COMMUNITY: And if all of that fails, come to a spin class for the camaraderie. Cycling classes are all about people and community. At Shift we love our squad. They inspire and encourage each other EVERY FREAKING DAY!  No matter their individual motivations, the class unites the energy as one - riding to the rhythm of the music, moving in unison, thriving off high energy beats, and positivity. Riders wake up before the sun to ride with their people and it is awesome.