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Up to 25% OFF 3, 6, or 12 Month Unlimited Memberships* 

Whether you are a current member or not one yet - WE WANT TO THANK YOU FOR BEING PART OF OUR FAMILY! As a THANK YOU! we are giving everyone an opportunity save up to 25% off 3, 6, or 12 Month Shift Membership.

Unlimited classes as low as $105 per month.

Buy now, and reap the benefits for the rest of the 2018!

Buy a 12-Month Membership for $1260 ($105/ Month), a 6-Month Membership for $660 ($110/ Month), or a 3-Month Membership for $333 ($111/ Month). 

As a reminder: Shift Cycle Members also ALWAYS receive 15% off ALL retail (Happy Holidays to YOU!


Black Friday Offer: 12-Month Membership: $105/month
($1260 Paid in Full - $408 Savings)

Black Friday Offer: 6-Month Membership: $110/month
($660 Paid in Full - $174 Savings)

Black Friday Offer: 3-Month Membership: $111/month
($333 Paid in Full - $84 Savings)

*Valid for ALL Shift Cycle clients. Want to buy now to use later? No problem! These memberships start upon your first visit using this membership. Must complete first use by March 1, 2018.

Do you have a current package? No problem! We will extend your package's expiration date the amount of months you buy with the Black Friday Offer. So if you buy a 6 month Black Friday Membership, we will extend your package expiration date 6 months.

For Current members: Black Friday deal will start next billing cycle. Once Black Friday deal is up you will go back to your current member pricing.

New Members: Once your selected Black Friday pricing option is complete, the $139 Monthly Unlimited Membership pricing will continue. Please give 30-day notice before canceling membership.