Summertime Fitness Motivation


It’s hot. It’s sunny. It’s party season. And the last thing on your mind is fitness. We get it. We live it. Here are 5 tips that keep us working through the summer, even with the daily patio cocktail habit:

  1. Workout in the morning. Get it done early so that the impromptu happy hour doesn’t kill your fitness routine.

  2. Find a sweat buddy. Workout with a friend. They help keep you accountable and make it fun. Plus, a mimosa post spin is the best “recovery”.

  3. Workout indoors. Heat can easily zap your energy, and lead to dehydration. In the deep summer months plan to workout indoors. It’s fast and efficient and your back enjoying your summer days in no time.

  4. Create a goal. We are all about goal setting. But we don’t mean lbs or inches lost, we mean setting a workout goal. For example, make a goal to workout 3 times a week and by Sunday if you’ve only hit two classes, get that last one in - Hello 4pm Sunnyside.

  5. Make it fun. Stop doing something you don’t enjoy. Find a workout you like, that you look forward to. Something that makes you feel so freaking POWERFUL you want to explode with awesomeness. That way when you get tempted with your third happy hour of the week you may actually be more inclined to check in with your buds at Shift Cycle.

NOW GET OUT THERE AND MAKE SHIFT HAPPEN! And have the best freaking Summer EVER!

Whitney Christensen