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Is my log in the same?

Yes – use the same MindBody log in that you have been using before!

How do I reserve a class?

After you have logged into the website via the "MY ACCOUNT" button on the navigation bar. Click on “SCHEDULE”. This will take you to the schedule page. Select the class you want and it will take you to the "Pick You Spot" page. 

How do I sign up for Multiple Kids in Childcare?

Click for Multiple Childcare Sign Up. 

Do I have to sign in, in order to view the schedule?

No, you can also access this by clicking on the "SCHEDULE" tab on the top and then clicking . You will be asked to sign in before you pick your bike.

How do I know if a class is waitlisted?

When you are looking at the schedule, a small “w” in a circle will appear on the far right of the individual class. When you sign up for a waitlisted class you will also see what position you are in the waitlist line in you "Classes" tab on your Client Dashboard. 

How do I view the classes I am signed up for?

Click on “My Account" at the top of the website then in the dashboard select My Classes at the top or under "Next Class" select Details to see you current registered class. 

How do I see the remaining classes in my package? 

In "My Account" scroll down to "Transactions" click on "All Transactions" on the right and you will see remaining classes on your purchased packages. 

How do I signup multiple children for childcare? 

On the "Schedule" page select your childcare class. Select a spot for your first child then confirm. You will be brought back to the schedule page with a popup at the top of the page to "Register for a Guest". Select the popup and pick your second spot. It will then prompt you to add an email/name. You can put in any email and any name. If you have a third child follow above process until all are scheduled. You will then see all booked spots in your "Classes" tab with an indicator of "Guest/Name" for all additional children. 

What if one of my kids can't get into the class and is waitlist? 

We will see it on our end and most likely happily add the additional children into the class. Also, feel free to email us, 

How do I cancel a class?

Click on “My Classes” in your dashboard. Click on “Next Classes” and next to the booked class select “CANCEL”

How do I change my bike?

Click on “My Classes” in your "My Account" dashboard. Click on “Next Classes” Click “MODIFY” and you will link to the bike map to pick your new bike. Click “RESERVE” to confirm and you are all set!

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